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Snow Removal

We are available 24 hours and day, seven days a week. Please Contact us for an onsite quote Our snow hotline is 586.774.0090

Snowfall in Michigan can severally impact your business. From the largest retail mall in Michigan to the smallest bank parking lot, we have experience and heavy-duty equipment to handle any snow removal situation.

When snow is predicted, we dispatch crews before the first snowflake hits the ground. We are on top of the situation for each and every snow event.

We deploy everything from shovel to snow blower, plow trucks to large pay loaders with 12 foot box scrapers, and everything in between.

Backer Landscaping, like many other snow removal companies, utilize sub-contractors that are assigned to specific sites. The difference with Backer Landscaping is that we are a large corporation using 75 or more pieces of our own equipment and employees in addition to the numerous sub contracts.